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    4 easy things that will save your life in the digital world
    While your IT department may handle a few things, you should do your part!
  • COVID-19 SMB Survival Guide
    Coronavirus Small Business Survival Guide
    To help you respond to such circumstances, we have prepared a small article to describe a few things you can consider to temporarily move your small business to your home office.
  • Basic Training
    Setup out of office messages in Microsoft Outlook for Office 365 – 101
    Out of office messages are quite handy when you want to inform your colleagues that you won’t be available, for a certain period of time. Actually, when someone send you an email, the system automatically replies back, with a predefined...
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    How to recognize email scams and save yourself some pain and tears.
    Email scams are popular. Phishing attacks, as these scams called, will try to manipulate you in disclosing your data. Including your login credentials, your credit card number, etc. The problem with these attacks? It is tricky to recognize them by...
  • Basic Training
    Syncing your computer with SharePoint for Office 365 - 101
    Despite the fact that SharePoint for Office 365 is -among other things- a web based document management tool, you have the option to sync your documents with your computer. The benefits are twofold While you are offline (without internet connection) you...
  • Basic Training
    Creating and saving files to SharePoint for Office 365 - 101
    The common place to work with files within a SharePoint site is the document library: A secure place to store files, where you and your colleagues can work with them easily. Document Libraries can be found on the left side...
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    In the era of Cloud Computing, dealing with these 4 (wrong) assumptions will keep...
    Did you know that 94% of organizations already use at least one cloud service? While cloud services adoption is not a big surprise… Cloud services have their own share of security concerns. The "shared responsibility" model Although cloud service providers are...
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    6 Things you'd like to know how to do in Outlook for Office365
    Often, an application gives us capabilities that we do not know how to exploit. One of these applications is Outlook within Office365. An application with features, you probably don't know that even exist. In this article we will focus...
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    How to protect your business against Ransomware
    Ransomware is a sophisticated class of malware (software designed to perform malicious activities) that prevents the victim from accessing his/her data. 47%59%71%Nearly 50 percent of organizations have been hit with ransomwareEmail is the main delivery method for ransomware71% of companies...
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    Computer brands and types of computers, a how to guide about your business
    Are you planning to buy computers for your business? Are you evaluating different computer brands? Are you confused about the different types of computers? Then you are in the right place; in this guide I am going to give...
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    Why and How to choose the right IT Services Provider
    It might seem obvious that an internal IT department, already knows the requirements, the needs and the environment of the company they support. But, is that the case? Do they have the right relationship with upper management? Can they uncover the real...
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    How to speed up computer (8 Ways to boost windows performance with absolutely no...
    Have you ever found yourself frustrated waiting for your PC to turn on or the internet browser to finally open the webpage? If you are like me and every other human being using a computer, you have probably dealt...
  • ESXi Bios best practices
    VMware ESXi best practices: BIOS settings
    In case you are planning to install VMware ESXi on a host server, you need to be aware of the VMware ESXi  best practices that get the most out of your system. You need to be able to identify...
  • Legacy OS
    Legacy systems: 7 facts about their maintenance
    Maintaining legacy systems and legacy OS is a common ground across many companies. You feel that the system is working as expected and you see no reason to upgrade it. Maybe the cost to upgrade or even replace seems...
  • VMware server virtualization benefits
    VMware server virtualization benefits
    Server virtualization technology is quite a mystery for new adopters although it has gained its market share for quite sometime, especially in large enterprises and datacenters. A study conducted by VMware showed that over 26% of non-adopters in the...
  • Windows-Core.gif
    Windows CMD commands in Win12 server core
    Since windows 2008, server core has become a valuable option for deploying more secure and more stable windows servers. Although it is quite easy, many administrators avoid to deploy such solutions because they feel unsure on how to configure...
  • dreamstime_11370892
    WinSXS cleanup in Windows 2012 and Windows 8
    WinSXS folder is the component store of Windows vista and later operating systems. Windows OS stores all its core components to WinSXS directory. The WinSXS folder is the only location that the core system components found on the system...
  • 010713_1302_Settingupwi1.png
    Setting up Windows 2012 storage virtualization. A software RAID solution or more?
    A new feature in windows 2012 installed by default in all server editions! Microsoft calls it Storage Virtualization and the idea behind it is somewhat familiar to most administrators that have worked on a hardware RAID controller before. In...
  • Mail Design
    SQL Indexing and SQL Performance Part 4: Design Considerations
    In the previous part of the blog post series you’ve seen that the query optimizer examines query predicates in order to analyze statistics for useful indexes in the execution plan decision process. Since indexes are quite important to the...
  • Mail Design
    SQL Indexing and SQL Performance Part 3: Queries, indexes and the query optimizer
    Which columns should you choose for indexing? To decide on the columns of an index you have to consider the most frequent queries running against your tables. You have to examine the WHERE and JOIN clauses (ORDER BY and GROUP...
  • Mail Design
    SQL Indexing and SQL Performance Part 2: Clustered and Non-Clustered
    So, why do you need to index your tables? Because without an index the SQL server has to scan the entire table to return the requested data. It is like the index page in a book. You check within the index...
  • Technical
    A nice way to start on Linux
    I bought the first edition of this book to introduce myself to the world of Linux. It is well structured and quite understandable for someone who is taking his first steps in the Linux O/S. Covers basic theory like...
  • Mail Design
    SQL Indexing and SQL Performance Part 1: SQL Storage and Indexing
    Before we begin our journey in SQL Indexing it is important to understand how a SQL Server stores its data. Database FileGroups and Files A MS SQL database uses a .mdf file as the primary data file, a number of .ldf files as...
  • SNR margin, ADSL and slow internet speed
    SNR margin, line attenuation, ADSL and a slow internet speed
    Slow internet speed is often a result of a bad attenuation and SNR margin figure. If you are one of these users who have problems with the ADSL line, then you are in the right place. Have you installed an ADSL line recently...
  • VMware server virtualization benefits
    Virtualization, Paravirtualization, whatever you say!?!?
    It’s time to move on! It’s time to understand what is virtualization and why you need it. I know, it’s complicated to feel comfortable with something you don’t know, with something so complicated. But here you are reading my...
  • dreamstime_10106510
    Is your ADSL router selectively loading sites?
    If you are one of those engineers, administrators, enthusiasts who encountered the situation of which a Cisco ADSL router is selectively blocking web sites, then this is the right post for you. I have seen many of my customers...
  • USB-Drive.jpg
    How to create a WinPE USB Drive
    Windows preinstallation environment (windows PE) is a bootable tool that provides a minimal set of operating system features for installation, troubleshooting, and recovery. In this post I am going to explain how you can setup a windows PE environment...
  • computer-security.jpg
    9 Simple network security rules that every admin should know
    What about it? You can just put a firewall and here you are! Completely Safe! A few years ago maybe... But in nowadays the things are little bit different. Instant messaging, P2P networks, in-house web and mail services, streaming, Trojans,...
  • Office_2010_Logo.png
    The MOSS Search Saga: Modifying the advanced search page
    In a previous post of mine I explained how to create managed properties and modify the search results page for a custom Protocol application. In this post I am going to continue from my previous example by modifying the...
  • Office_2010_Logo.png
    The MOSS Search Saga: Modifying The Search Result Page
    The customization of the search experience in MOSS is crucial in many situations. You may need to add additional metadata to your display results, to modify the search result page layout or to add additional metadata properties to your...
  • Technical
    Auto Configuring Proxy Settings (Proxy Autodiscovery wpad.dat)
    Did you ever wondered what is this “automatically detect settings” option in LAN settings under connection tab in Internet Explorer? By setting this option you enable the web proxy auto discovery (WPAD) protocol functionality of the web browser. Using...
  • Office_2010_Logo1
    Archiving Exchange 2007 mailboxes. The cheap way...
    Have you ever come up with the situation to export your Exchange mailboxes to PST files? From time to time, an Exchange administrator needs to export some or all of his organization’s mailboxes out of the exchange database. In previous...
  • Office_2010_Logo.png
    Moving MOSS & Project Server 2007 Databases to a new server
    Many system administrators are dealing with the situation of moving their MOSS and Project Server databases to a new SQL server. The reason for that kind of change can vary from hardware expansion requirements to the migration of a...