How to recognize email scams and save yourself some pain and tears.

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Email scams are popular. Phishing attacks, as these scams called, will try to manipulate you in disclosing your data. Including your login credentials, your credit card number, etc. The problem with these attacks? It is tricky to recognize them by using only technical means. Thus, it is very important to educate your users to [...]

In the era of Cloud Computing, dealing with these 4 (wrong) assumptions will keep you out of trouble…

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Did you know that 94% of organizations already use at least one cloud service? While cloud services adoption is not a big surprise… Cloud services have their own share of security concerns. The "shared responsibility" model Although cloud service providers are responsible for the security of the cloud service, you -the customer- are responsible [...]

6 Things you’d like to know how to do in Outlook for Office365

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Often, an application gives us capabilities that we do not know how to exploit. One of these applications is Outlook within Office365. An application with features, you probably don't know that even exist. In this article we will focus on the 6 features we have seen that have the greatest impact. Retrieve deleted messages [...]

How to protect your business against Ransomware

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Ransomware is a sophisticated class of malware (software designed to perform malicious activities) that prevents the victim from accessing his/her data. 47% 59% 71% Nearly 50 percent of organizations have been hit with ransomware Email is the main delivery method for ransomware [...]

Computer brands and types of computers, a how to guide about your business

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Are you planning to buy computers for your business? Are you evaluating different computer brands? Are you confused about the different types of computers? Then you are in the right place; in this guide I am going to give you an insight about the different computer brands and different types of computers. Different classes of [...]

Why and How to choose the right IT Services Provider

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It might seem obvious that an internal IT department, already knows the requirements, the needs and the environment of the company they support. But, is that the case? Do they have the right relationship with upper management? Can they uncover the real business need before they introduce any technical solution? How can the wrong [...]

Legacy systems: 7 facts about their maintenance

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Maintaining legacy systems and legacy OS is a common ground across many companies. You feel that the system is working as expected and you see no reason to upgrade it. Maybe the cost to upgrade or even replace seems prohibitive. You also may believe that when the time comes, it can be easily replaced. You [...]

VMware server virtualization benefits

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Server virtualization technology is quite a mystery for new adopters although it has gained its market share for quite sometime, especially in large enterprises and datacenters. A study conducted by VMware showed that over 26% of non-adopters in the SMB market are uncertain about the business benefits or ROI of Server Virtualization; while over 24% [...]