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Very profesional and with deep knowledge on IT issues
Irene Charagionis, Executive Director - Charagionis Group
Lefteris is a very result oriented person, which results are really good, in line with customer needs. He is fast, accurate and present the cheapest solution for the customer, maintaining the Quality of Service. His knowledge in all IT matters is really deep and has a large spectrum.
As a customer I was very pleased with his worked done for my company.
Luis Castel-Branco, Senior Helpdesk Manager - Sonae Sierra
Lefteris, owner of Giant Stride, is one of the smartest people I have work with in Greece, with excellent business acumen. Level-headed, articulate, a person you always hope to have on your team. A visionary when it comes to technology. Is able to take complex technical topics and make them understandable. An excellent communicator . I am sure we will work again without any hesitation.
Philip C. Spanos, Project Manager - OMNIS Services
In Giant Stride are very smart and capable people. They are by far the best System Engineers I have ever met. They have a very deep knowledge on IT aspects, great ability on communication and they are very passionate about their job. they always manage to deliver the best results and they seem to always find a way to overcome any problem that may arise.
George Chatzimanolis, SW Developer - Nuance
I work with Lefteris, owner of Giant Stride, for the last four years. Lefteris designed and implement our Company’s ICT infrastructure. He is very dedicated and produces excellent quality of work. Beside his broad spectrum of technology awareness, one of his strongest points is his ability to communicate with administrative staff, keeping out the technical jargon. It is a pleasure to work with. Highly recommended.
Elina Zografou, SW Developer - Signaal Hellas
Lefteris is passionate about his work and he is really good at it as well.
In our company he has setup a very effective Windows-based infrastructure that meets our functional as well as performance and security requirements. The provided infrastructure allows us to focus on our software development work and provides us with reliable communication channels to our clients.
In numerous occasions he has offered me and my team his professional and timely support, preventing certain delays in our delivery schedule as well as possible embarrassment towards our clients.
Within the scope of our cooperation, he has provided me and my team services requiring a rather diverse set of skills. Besides his technical skills, he also possesses excellent social and communication skills. As a result, it is always a pleasure to work with him.
Therefore, I can highly recommend him for any task that falls within his disciplines
George Skondras, SW Developement Manager - Signaal Hellas
Working alongside with Giant Stride is a really valuable experience for me. They are excellent professionals with deep knowledge of their field of activities and strong managerial skills. I consider them very smart and dynamic people and I believe that they can deal efficiently with any task in their field.
Emanuel Kountouris, Finance Manager - Acropol Charagionis

During the last few months we had to deal with a very slow internet connectivity. While we had 2 internet lines, we couldn’t make it work in an optimized manner, thus we were struggling in our day-to-day activities. Giant stride managed to offer us a solution that actually works, in a reasonable cost. At last, we have the Internet connection speed we need! It is amazing how fast their support team is and able to solve any matter as soon as possible.

Cezary Szandecki,

Our cooperation with Giant Stride started in 2008 and we have a great professional relationship until today. Whenever we need their support, they answer their phone live, or they return our calls within 60 minutes. This is a great deal to me, because I know that I will be able to communicate with them on time. Whatever Giant Stride have proposed to us, it is accurate and within our budget and quality standards.

The latest project which started on 10/2016, was related to our IT security infrastructure. They installed, configured and trained us on firewall devices (Sophos) and endpoint products (Sophos Central). At the same time, they migrated our on-premise Exchange installation to the Office 365 cloud service. The whole project has been completed on time and on budget.

Yiannis Silintziris, MJC Capuano

Our experience with Giant Stride is very good! They start working on critical issues immediately, while they respond on issues of a medium importance quite fast and in a reasonable time if it needs further research. To be honest, their response time is in sync with our needs! I am not aware if the lack of computer problems is the result of their daily monitoring, or the result of the upgrade project they implemented, when we started. Well, we rarely have problems and if something happens, it is usually due to the slow internet speeds in our area. I would definitely recommend them!

Thomas Doxiadis, Doxiadis+

Our experience with Giant Stride is exceptional! Before they took us over we had recurring problems with our server and a number of issues with our emails. Giant Stride made these 2 significant changes without us even realizing! Practically, when we started our collaboration, Giant Stride optimized the system to our needs and the problems were resolved right away! It is hard to believe so, but that’s how it works!

Since our company operates on a 24h basis and the use of computers and the internet is critical, the daily maintenance of our systems is the most important thing. We realized that WHATEVER happens, Giant Stride has it covered! Moreover, they respond to our calls live, whatever the problem may be.

Ioanna Basakou, Aries Marine Insurance Brokers

Before we start working with Giant Stride, we had many doubts about the support model they are using. We didn’t know if that would be a right fit for us. Fast forward one year later, I am able to say that their response time is quite fast (usually less than an hour) and when we ask to resolve an issue, they manage to get it right from the first time.  Today, we have absolutely no issues with our computer network and that’s why we always recommend Giant Stride to our business partners and customers.

Asteris Giannakoudis, Five One Consultants