Innovative IT Management for small-medium businesses

Have peace of mind – easily – without trouble!

Lefteris Karafilis
Lefteris KarafilisIT Strategist

I started back in 2000 to help you have peace of mind for the technologies you implement within your business.

Back then technology was just starting and everyone was using computers like a modern typewriter. Nowadays, it is a huge part of our lives and it’s growing blazing fast: from the daily use of the Internet, to artificial intelligence.

We are excited to watch our clients thrive, which is why we love providing them with the information and tools they need to make that happen – we put our hearts and souls into it!

Today -as a team- we are particularly successful with businesses in professional services who are concerned about their inability to discover what to do to get rid of all those frustrating problems, afraid that there is no expert to take care of the sneaky IT threats, or disappointed with the lack of technology management.

Now we use an IT management model with proven results to allow you have peace of mind.