Project Description


Because of the financial crisis and a significant corporate down-scaling, the company decided to move from an in-house to an outsourcing IT model. However they were facing significant challenges with their current IT environment.

Their Servers were constantly crashing, their workstations were unstable, and the software was pretty outdated. Moreover, their current IT department was leading them to the wrong direction. An outsourcing model in such environment seemed nearly impossible.


We consulted with the customer and explained the benefits of a staged upgrade. We structured an implementation plan that served two key purposes: to reduce their recurring problems and allow for a financially sustainable outsourcing model.

We replaced the Servers’ infrastructure. We introduced visualization technology to cut on hardware costs. We migrated to a could collaboration solution to reduce licensing and maintenance costs, while improving performance and accessibility. We spotted all workstations that had to be replaced and reconfigured all operating systems and software within the company.


We reduced recurring problems and enabled the customer to successfully move to an outsourcing model. The initial investment along with the IT support fees saved them more than 62% in direct costs. Even better, the customer reported that the support experience is more responsive and reliable than ever.