Project Description


The customer had significant problems with their internet performance. Web browsing was super slow and sometimes even inaccessible. While they were constantly upgrading their internet lines bandwidth, the problem wouldn’t go away.


We performed a network audit to look out for potential problems. We discovered that the problem wasn’t related to the bandwidth of their internet connections. It was associated to the inappropriate use of the Internet.

We installed and configured a central Web filtering appliance. We enforced web browsing rules based on corporate departments, web applications, web site categories and time schedules (free access hours). We controlled torrent access, streaming media, application downloads, and so on.


We regulated internet usage and significantly improved the web browsing experience. To be more specific, about 82% of their internet bandwidth was getting wasted to inappropriate internet activities.

They are now able to monitor and report on Internet access usage. As a positive side effect, they are also protected from malicious web sites and illegal activities that put their business at risk.