Cutting costs on IT maintenance


Challenge Because of the financial crisis and a significant corporate down-scaling, the company decided to move from an in-house to an outsourcing IT model. However they were facing significant challenges with their current IT environment. Their Servers were constantly crashing, their workstations were unstable, and the software was pretty outdated. Moreover, their current IT department was [...]

Disaster recovery and service availability


Challenge A medium business active in the defense industry had to design a new plan, regarding their IT service availability and disaster recovery solution. Because of their cooperative strategy, the IT service availability had to be implemented with acceptable thresholds for the business to operate efficiently. Solution We designed, planned and implemented a virtual environment using shared storage [...]

IT department automation


Challenge Due to upcoming cost deductions, the company's management has decided to reduce the ICT department's workforce. The project's goal was to maintain, and even improve, the overall ICT response time without compromising support quality. Solution Successfully designed and implemented an automated management infrastructure using Symantec management solution. Results The overall maintenance overhead has been [...]