Ransomware is a sophisticated class of malware (a software designed to perform malicious activities) that prevents the victim from accessing his/her data.


Nearly 50 percent of organizations have been hit with ransomware

Email is the main delivery method for ransomware

71% of companies targeted by ransomware attacks have been infected

How a ransomware infection can put you out of business

Ransomwares usually combine advanced encryption algorithms to encrypt a victim’s data and subsequently block his/her access. The people and/or the organizations that involved behind ransomware, demand a payment (ransom) from the victims, in order to provide them with a decryption key to unlock their data.

Ransomware may also prevent users from accessing their operating system entirely, making impossible to use their PCs. The people and/or the organizations involved, still demand a ransom to unlock the systems infected.

You may pay the ransom; will you get your data back? Who knows? A ransomware infection can lock you out from your own business!

7 things you should do today, to defend against Ransomware

Putting it all together

There is no magic bullet to defend against ransomware and malware. There is no such thing as 100% protection. However, if you consider multiple levels of controls, such as training, firewalls, patch management, antimalwares, security policies, and so on., you significantly lower the chances of infection.

Preventative measures are not enough though! You need countermeasures in a case of infection. Backup and disaster recovery solutions, event response plans, test restores, and so on., will enable you to recover in a case of infection.