Teleworking: The power of working from anywhere… easily!

Have you ever had to work from home? Apart from the problems of the house (noise, convenience,  etc.), you also get annoyed with the desperate speed and complicated procedures that are needed to connect to the corporate network.

As if that were not enough, these complex procedures often don’t work and you end up asking for IT support to open a Word document.

Enough is enough! We have a solution that works in 3 simple steps… Turn on the computer, enter your password and start working!


Blazing fast solutions!

1. Cloud File Sharing

Work on your files from anywhere as if you were at the office! Stop sharing files via USB sticks and emails.

2. VPN

You don’t need to drive to the office to view a report. You can now use your accounting software, CRM and whatever you want from anywhere.

3. Cloud Phone System

No more sharing your mobile phone with clients and colleagues. You can now use your corporate phone both at home and at the hotel!

4. Cloud Email

You can exchange emails, from your mobile, your computer, your tablet.

Don’t take our word for it. See what our customers say!

Giant Stride employees are its best ambassadors.

Giant Stride is the company with which we have a permanent partnership and from which we really enjoy great services and solutions with high levels of security, according to the daily requirements and processes of our company.Giant Stride employees are its best ambassadors. Their responsiveness to almost all of our requirements is crucial. Their response time has the highest impact on the satisfaction of our employees as everyone receives an almost immediate reply to their requests.My initial concern was the transition from the existing computer infrastructure to the dominant trend in the field of informatics -Cloud Computing- as well as the optimal operation of information systems, the electronic helpdesk and workflow management systems. The solutions designed by Giant Stride provided us with a great outcome and the timeframe, as well as the process of transition, was so well-coordinated that we really did not have any problems, or downtime, beyond the desired limits.I appreciate our excellent communication, hoping for equally constructive cooperation in the future.

Kyriakos Konstantinides
COO | Smok-e

We know for that WHATEVER happens, Giant Stride has it covered!

Our experience with Giant Stride is exceptional! Before they took us over we had recurring problems with our server and a number of issues with our emails. Giant Stride made these 2 significant changes without us even realizing! Practically, when we started our collaboration, Giant Stride optimized the system to our needs and the problems were resolved right away! It is hard to believe so, but that’s how it works!Since our company operates on a 24h basis and the use of computers and the internet is critical, the daily maintenance of our systems is the most important thing. We realized that WHATEVER happens, Giant Stride has it covered! Moreover, they respond to our calls live, whatever the problem may be.