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We started because we understand what you’re going through…

We’ve been in the IT business since 2000. We soon realized that many businesses are struggling to find the right person to support their technology.

Unfortunately, even if they do find one, they quickly realize that he needs more training, he’s unable to handle their day-to-day issues, and he’s unable to understand their priorities. So they end up resenting each other until the inevitable end of their partnership.

So, we started Giant Stride in 2014 to offer a holistic IT management to help Greek businesses get rid of such issues once and for all – and in the most effective way!

It’s unfair to put up with a situation where your IT staff is causing problems in your everyday work-life and he’s unable to contribute positively to the growth of your business. It’s hopeless to expect for any improvement under these circumstances.

In all our partnerships, our clients have peace of mind that we effectively manage their IT systems and that we are there to help them with any questions or problems they may have. After all, we are all in the same team.

Your partnership with Giant Stride…

Don’t take our word for it… watch what our customers say

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