• On 97% of support calls we respond in less than 11 minutes

  • Organize your internal network and users’ interconnection
  • Shield all your data with the highest security standards

It is unimaginable – technical problems hindering your work

Technical problems make your life difficult. Stop stressing! Technology is meant to help you – not stand in your way.

IT support agent

Super Fast Resolution!

Get rid of that stress. Our experienced staff is always online and by your side to give a solution to your every question or problem!

When you call us you are connected directly to a technician who can help you. Unlike most IT companies with bureaucratic procedures and unthinkable waiting.

There is no need to be an IT genius!

All our representatives attend “customer service” seminars, are evaluated annually and are helpful and polite to everyone.

So you won’t have to avoid them because they are rude, they do not understand your priorities and drown you in irrelevant technical details.

No need to be an IT support expert

No unpleasant surprises!

With no hassle you get access to the innovative IT.TotalCare support model that reduces your problems by up to 73%.

We run special routines, to ensure optimal systems’ performance. With our technology we know if your systems have a problem, often before you even realize it… and we fix it! So you do not have to worry about technicians keeping you busy in the first place.

No one has to struggle with IT within their business…

Their ongoing administration keeps our computer network stable and our data safe, without problems!

At Giant Stride they are super-fast and helpful! So helpful, that even if I want to talk directly to the owner, and he is not available, he will manage to call me back! Moreover, their ongoing administration keeps our computer network stable and our data safe, without problems. In my opinion, it is best to make sure that our backup and recovery procedures are really working beforehand!

Iason Manousos
IT Coordinator | Royalton Investments

We rarely have problems

Our experience with Giant Stride is very good! They start working on critical issues immediately, while they respond on issues of a medium importance quite fast and in a reasonable time if it needs further research. To be honest, their response time is in sync with our needs! I am not aware if the lack of computer problems is the result of their daily monitoring, or the result of the upgrade project they implemented, when we started. Well, we rarely have problems and if something happens, it is usually due to the slow internet speeds in our area. I would definitely recommend them!

Thomas Doxiadis
Founder | Doxiadis+

I know that I will be able to communicate with them on time, every time!

Our cooperation with Giant Stride started in 2008 and we have a great professional relationship until today. Whenever we need their support, they answer their phone live, or they return our calls within 60 minutes. This is a great deal to me, because I know that I will be able to communicate with them on time. Whatever Giant Stride have proposed to us, it is accurate and within our budget and quality standards.The latest project was related to our IT security infrastructure. They installed, configured and trained us on firewall devices (Sophos) and endpoint products (Sophos Central). At the same time, they migrated our on-premise Exchange installation to the Office 365 cloud service. The whole project has been completed on time and on budget.

Yiannis Silintziris
IT Manager | Capuano SA

Giant Stride helped us have peace of mind. Moreover, for whatever we need, their response is super fast!

I strongly believe that it is necessary for a law firm to have someone to oversee their network, on a daily basis, and ensure their back up and overall information security infrastructure. Maybe, because I know what the situation can be, when you do not have the right support. Giant Stride helped us have peace of mind about all these things. Moreover, for whatever we need, their response is super fast!

Ioanna Stefanakis
Partner | SDK Law