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Educate your employees

The biggest risk is within your company. Giant Stride is constantly educating your users to enable them to identify, and respond, to any suspicious activity.

Safeguard your data

Do you have the necessary means to properly restrict access to your corporate data? Giant Stride will implement and manage, for you, the appropriate technology to help you organize and restrict access to your data.

Fortify your network

Stop network attacks before reaching your network. Giant Stride will implement and manage, for you, all the necessary means, like firewalls, VPNs, Vulnerability Scans, to safeguard your corporate network.

Identify what is allowed and what is not

To promote safe behaviors, you need to document and enforce the right policies. Giant Stride helps you create clear and concise written policies for using and disposing sensitive data.

Protect your devices

Giving employees access on the go is critical to business survival. But mobile device policies also put you at risk. Giant Stride manages employee devices like smartphones, USB drives, tablets and laptops for you. We identify, track, secure and encrypt all your devices so employees can work securely from anywhere.