The common place to work with files within a SharePoint site is the document library: A secure place to store files, where you and your colleagues can work with them easily.

Document Libraries can be found on the left side of a SharePoint Site, as you can see in the image below. Please note, that the first document library, that is created by default, is named “Documents”.

Saving/Creating files to a Document Library

There are 5 ways you can save and/or create files to a Document Library:

Method #1: The upload button

While in the Document Library within SharePoint:

  1. Click on the upload button
  2. Select to upload either files (can be multiple) or an entire folder
  3. On the browse window select the file(s), or folder, you want to upload
  4. Click on upload

Method #2: The Drag and Drop

You can upload files, and folders, to a document library by simply dragging and dropping these items to the document library.

Method #3: The “save as” option

From within Microsoft office applications, you can save directly to a SharePoint Document Library:

  1. Open excel, word, or PowerPoint
  2. Go to ‘File’
  3. Click on ‘save as…'(1)
  4. Pick the ‘Sites – XXXX’ option (2)
  5. Select the site you wish to save the file to (3)
  6. Navigate to the Document Library / Folder
  7. Change the file name, as you see fit
  8. Click on save

Method #4: Saving to a synced Document Library

In case you sync the desired document library, with your PC, you can use the file explorer to perform any save/copy/move/edit function as you would do with any file, or folder. To locate your SharePoint document library, open the windows explorer and find the hierarchy with the building icon, as you can see at the image below.

Method #5: Using the new button

While in the document library within SharePoint:

  1. Click on the new button
  2. Select the type of folder/file you want to create