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The easiest way to get rid of computer problems, once and for all… with no hassle and minimum engagement.

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Our Customers Speak Out

We rarely have problems

Our experience with Giant Stride is very good! They start working on critical issues immediately, while they respond on issues of a medium importance quite fast and in a reasonable time if it needs further research. To be honest, their response time is in sync with our needs! I am not aware if the lack of computer problems is the result of their daily monitoring, or the result of the upgrade project they implemented, when we started. Well, we rarely have problems and if something happens, it is usually due to the slow internet speeds in our area. I would definitely recommend them!

Thomas Doxiadis Founder | Doxiadis+

I feel really safe with them

My cooperation with Giant Stride is excellent. Their professionalism is great and they always do what they say. They have the ability to grasp the priority of each issue, which makes them extremely effective and efficient. I feel really safe with them!

Panos Drougas Owner | 3S Chemicals

Giant Stride helped us have peace of mind. Moreover, for whatever we need, their response is super fast!

I strongly believe that it is necessary for a law firm to have someone to oversee their network, on a daily basis, and ensure their back up and overall information security infrastructure. Maybe, because I know what the situation can be, when you do not have the right support. Giant Stride helped us have peace of mind about all these things. Moreover, for whatever we need, their response is super fast!

Ioanna Stefanakis Partner | SDK Law
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