Did you know that 94% of organizations already use at least one cloud service? While cloud services adoption is not a big surprise… Cloud services have their own share of security concerns.

The “shared responsibility” model

Although cloud service providers are responsible for the security of the cloud service, you -the customer- are responsible for the security in the cloud service.

Take example from the automotive industry… despite the fact that the manufacturer is responsible for the safety of the vehicle, by conducting crash tests, installing airbags, safety belts, and so on; you -the driver- are responsible for driving with care, wearing the safety belt, etc.

So, even with cloud services, the “old-school” rules still apply; meaning, that you also have to do “your part” to safeguard your data.

Turning a blind eye, won’t make the risk go away…

Shall I move to the cloud then?

You probably already have some, if not all, of your business data hosted to one, or more, cloud services. Nowadays, it’s the norm. You just need to be aware of the risk involved and the steps you need to take to properly alleviate it.