Have you ever found yourself frustrated waiting for your PC to turn on or the internet browser to finally open the webpage? If you are like me and every other human being using a computer, you have probably dealt with such situation. Are you interested on how to speed up your computer?

One of the methodologies that I describe below, sped up an operation from 11.7 seconds to 2 seconds and I am going to describe 8 different steps not just one.

Is your PC brand new? Is it outdated? It doesn’t always matter. One way or another performance will degrade over time. The good news are a few steps away thought; a few steps you can take to minimize the problem and boost windows performance.

How to speed up computer by unloading unnecessary applications at startup?

Let’s face it, your windows environment is dynamic. You install new applications, updates, you test things and that’s what all is about anyway. Some of these applications however are automatically started every time your PC starts even though it is not always necessary.

Take your beloved Skype for example, it is a quite useful application that brings people together. Like all applications, Skype, when running, consumes memory and CPU power. If it set to automatically start when your computer starts, it will always consume some amount of memory and CPU, even if you don’t want to use it at that exact moment. So, it may be better to disable the auto-start function of Skype. You can always open it every time you need to communicate with someone.

To access the list of applications that set to auto start every time your windows starts, press Ctrl + Alt + Del simultaneously and select Start task manager

From there select: File –> select New Task (Run…). In the Open section type msconfig and press the OK button.